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Lovejoy Elementary School Nurse

 Stacy Saffell- Tuesday and Friday

Health  Requirements at School:


October 1st is the deadline!!!


Students will be excluded from school for non-compliance for any health requirement on October 1st!

 All Kindergarten and New students need to show proof of

1)      A  current health exam (done within 1 year),with lead screen assessment, diabetic screen and parent heath history completed.

2)      A current immunization record with age required vaccinations completed.

3)      A vision exam.


Students from out of state that are entering an Illinois school for the first time must provide a new physical(done within a year) and a vision exam.

When to Keep your Child Home from School:


A fever is a warning that all is not right with the body.


No child with a fever over 100 should be sent to school.


If you do not have a thermometer and the child’s head feels HOT, keep the child home until a fever can be checked with a thermometer.


Do Not allow your child to return to school until he has been free of fever for 24 hours without the use of analgesics.


The common cold presents the most frequent problem to parents.


A child with a “heavy” cold and a hacking cough belongs home in bed, even if there is no fever!


If your child complains of a sore throat and no other symptoms, he/she may go to school.


If white spots can be seen in the back of the throat or if a fever is present, keep him/her home and call your doctor.


Children with any vomiting or diarrhea need to stay home from school and should not return to school until the vomiting or diarrhea has been ceased for at least 24 hours. Some children will need longer to recuperate from a stomach virus.


A rash may be the first sign of one of childhood’s many illnesses, such as measles or chicken pox.


A rash, or “spots” may cover the entire body or may appear in only one area.


DO NOT SEND a child with a rash to school until your doctor has said it is safe to do so.


Head lice is a common communicable problem at school. Please check your child’s head frequently for head lice. If you see any lice or nits(eggs) please keep your child home and notify the school. When a child is sent home from school with head lice or nits, after treatment is complete, it is the parent’s responsibility to bring the child to the school nurse for re-entry.


 The school nurse must check their head before allowed re-entry.


Alton Community School District has a no nit policy!



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